Rim Toilet Brush

Rim Toilet Brush

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The rhyme series puts custom in the bathroom and exudes good taste. The series' minimalist soap dispenser, toothbrush mug, soap dish, toilet brush and pedal bucket in classic freestanding versions are all designed in a nice, simple design that pampers the senses of both you and your guests.

Rim is Zone Denmark's comprehensive series of delicious and functional décor for the bath. The exclusive and ultra-simple design language is created in collaboration with Danish VE2. It gives you ample opportunity to cultivate your penchant for beautiful design and at the same time create peace and coherence in the décor.
With Rim you can decorate the bath completely with everything from mirror and shelves to scraper and soap dispenser.
The series products are available in black and white and are made of robust powder-coated aluminum, and they are of course easy to clean. Several of them can be mounted on the wall, so they are easy to use, it promotes both hygiene and aesthetics.


Brand: Zone Denmark
Colour: Black
Design: Rhyme
Product: Toilet brush
Designer: VE2
Material: Aluminium/ABS